About us

KYO ELECTRIC is a professional manufacturer and distributor of high-end telecomunications equipment. We serve telecom operators and installation companies worldwide. 

KYO ELECTRIC is a Spanish company specializing in the supply of materials to operators and public telecommunications networks install companies.

Founded in 2014 by experienced, we had a rapid growth, both in Spain and abroad. Our vocation is to be an international company, we have a subsidiary in Portugal and customers in Europe, Africa and South America.

We have a fiber optic cable manufacture facility in China, as well as associated manufacturers of other related products in South Korea, China and Indonesia.

In addition to the products we design and manufacture by ourselves, we also represent international prestige brands.

KYO ELECTRIC is composed of several product divisions:

  • Cables: fiber optic cables, coaxial cables, other communication and control cables. Special cables design and manufacture.
  • Network passive components: patchcords and pigtails, splitters, splice closure, optical terminal box, optical wall sockets, splice protector sleeves, HFC networks passives ...
  • Installation accessories: inflatable duct seals, pole fittings, aerial cable ties, retainers, insulating tapes, fasteners (screws, etc.), manholes and covers.
  • Measurement and installation equipment: fiber fusion splicers, telecommunication test and measuring equipment, special tools, general tools, FRP duct rodders and fishtapes, ladders, safety and signaling equipment (barriers, work fences, signs, cones…).

MISSION. "Offer a wide range of quality products to the main companies in the telecommunications sector."

VIEW. "To be a trusted partner for our customers, innovating together and establishing long-term relationships."

VALUES. "Passion for our work. Quality in the products and services we offer. Honesty in our actions. Constant innovation in a changing market. Commitment: we are a key part in our customers processes."